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Search Engine Marketing is A Cost Effective Marketing Strategy WIth Measurable Performance


Search Engine Marketing SEM

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is gaining popularity in marketing for its effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility compared to conventional marketing means.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become an important and integral part of modern advertising strategy. Having a well thought of spectrum of marketing effort targetting different segment of potential customers is a high priority task for all companies of all sizes, be it MNC, SME or an OMO business.

What is Search Engine Marketing actually? In search-engine-marketingthese days of fast track development of modern technology, it is simply understood as conducting marketing campaigns on different search engine platforms. It can be a mixed marketing effort of advertising on the major search engines by Pay per Click Marketing (PPC) commonly known as Paid Search, or putting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort on Organic Search, or engaged in listings on relevant service directories, or the currently of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and more.

Deciding how much effort to put where is the very first step. Fortunately it is not difficult to make adjustment based on performance feedback or analytics after or during a campaign as the modern technology makes it very simple for such realignment. Some marketers refer SEM as simply Paid Search and SEO as Organic Search. While paid search is a paid advertising campaign through the major search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing, organic search can be considered the unpaid version counterpart. Paid Search is rather straight forward marketing method and summons response in a relatively shorter time than Organic Search of the same target search result page, if carried out properly. However, having a well balanced mixture of SEM, SEO and SMM in the marketing strategy will extend your reach to potential customers from most angles if not all. Search Engine Marketing is the cost effective marketing strategy with measurable performance.